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NEWLY AVAILABLE CORPORATE QnA: Book a Question and Answer discussion with Carol on the topic of covid vaccines and the various questions, myths and fears surrounding getting vaccinated. click here for more information.

Dare to Love offers workshops and talks for parents and teachers on topics relating particularly to children age 0-12 years. It aims to offer thought-provoking and interesting workshops in support of wonderful parenting, drawing on the material of a number of world-renowned authors. Your facilitator, Carol Bailie, is a qualified educator (B Prim Ed) and mother of two, with over  30 years of experience in primary education, teacher training, adult education and parenting workshops.

Dare to Love launched in 2008 offering parent and teacher Love Language workshops based on the book “The Five Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell. Other workshops available are “Loving Discipline” and “Teaching Personal Responsibility” for parents of pre-schoolers, as well as “Using Bloom’s Taxonomy” for primary school teachers. Bookings can be made for workshops at schools, churches or private groups. 


Helping employees overcome vaccine hesitancy

The covid pandemic has certainly changed our lives forever. Along with the constant change, has come fear, worry, job loss, illness and a whole host of other concerns that weigh on our minds. More recently, the vaccine drive has complicated matters as people takes sides in an increasingly volatile debate. In the midst of this crisis, companies are trying to make the best decisions possible to ensure a profitable future. Find out how we can assist you to maintain harmony through the vaccine education process and avoid magnifying past divisions that we have all worked so hard to repair over the past 20 years. Vaccine hesitancy can be addressed in a constructive and supportive environment. Contact us to find out more.